Need CNC Help?

IDC Woodcraft has teamed up with expert CNC woodworkers to provide one-on-ones that deliver highly personalized support.

Whether you require assistance with troubleshooting your CNC machine, mastering software such as Vectric Vcarve, just getting started on your CNC journey, or diving into complex woodworking projects, our team of experts is dedicated to offering the help you need to get started on the right foot.

Kate Tucker

Get one-on one help from seasoned Vectric Pro expert and CNC business owner Kate Tucker.

Kate is here to help you through your Vectric design issues or train you on how to use the Vectric software from the ground up.

Kate’s expertise in the entire CNC project making process, from design concepts to finished project work, has made her an exceptional part of the IDC Woodcraft team to help you get the most out of your CNC journey so you can easily grasp the design process and make your CNC projects look amazing!

If you’re stuck on a project, or just want some handholding as you learn the Vectric software, schedule a one-on-one with Kate now by clicking the button below.