1/16″ O Flute CNC Router Bit Endmill For Acrylic, 1/8″ Shank [Premium Grade]


This is your 1/16″ O-flute bit to add the amazingly fine details to your LED-lit acrylic projects. Get the fine detail with this smaller bit so that sign really stands out.

  • Solid carbide
  • Fast cutting

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  • Solid carbide
  • Fast cutting

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Your 1/16″ O flute bit is here! 0-flute bits are the go-to bits for all things acrylic with CNC routers. If you haven’t created LED-lit acrylic projects, it’s definitely time.

The 1/16″ 0-flute bit is for the ultra-fine details in your acrylic projects. It is a delicate bit for delicate jobs.

Acrylic requires a high-spiral bit that minimizes contact with the plastic to prevent melting, which ‘galls’ the material to the bit, making it ineffective. This also virtually eliminates the other enemy of cutting plastic…melting it and causing it to bind to the cut surface.

The specs, feeds and speeds are listed below.

All bits on this site are made of carbide steel. Carbide is what professional metal machinists use to make complex items like car engines. It stays sharp 50x longer than conventional CNC router bits.

For depth of cuts, see the table at the bottom


  • Cut Diameter: 1/16″ (1.58mm)
  • Shank dia: 1/8″ (3.175mm)
  • Overall Length: 1.5″ (38mm)
  • Flutes: 1
  • Flute length: 0.25″ (12mm)
  • Material: 100% carbide


  • Feed: 45 inches per minute (16mm per second) for acrylic only
  • Speed (rpm): 21000 (for Makita routers, set dial to 5)
  • Plunge 10ips

Depth of cut for 1/16″

  • 0.03″ (0.8mm}

FREE Feeds & Speeds table


1 16 oflute bit

116 o flute bit

Additional information

Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × .5 in


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