60 Degree V Bit 1/4″ Shank for CNC Routers, Super-Shear [Big Stiffy Series]


The 60 degree v bit ‘Super Shear’ for CNC routers is the bit when speed matters as much as the carving quality. This 90 degree bit is part of the Big Stiffy series, a set of bits designed to virtually eliminate uneven carves due to chatter. See full description for more info.

  • Shank: 1/4″ / Length: 2″ / Flutes: 2 / Flute length: 0.65″ / Cut Dia. 3/4″
  • Cut angle 60 degree / 100% carbide

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The Big Stiffy series 60-degree v-bit for CNC routers is the bit to use when you want your job done fast and clean. With a 1/4″ shank, it is the go-to v carving bit for home-based CNC’ers when it comes to larger projects. The ‘super-shear’ blade design is designed to leave exceptionally clean cuts at higher feeds rates. This is the v bit to use when your v-carved letters are wider than 1/4″ wide.

To see how effective your 90° Super-Shear bit is, watch this YouTube video of an amazing lion completely carved in 11 minutes using the same size 20 degree V bit!

Why is it called the Big Stiffy? Overall, the bit length is a bit shorter than most. This little design modification keeps your bit stiffer during cuts, which gives you a 50% improvement in your surface finish. In other words, the potential for chatter is virtually eliminated. When 60-degree v bits are longer, they tend to cause ‘chatter’ (a rough surface finish caused by tool vibration and deflection)

This bit has a carbide blade brazed to a 4140 body.


  • Shank: 1/4″ (6.35mm)
  • Cut diameter: 0.75″ (25mm)
  • Cut angle: 60 degrees
  • Length: 2.0″ (52mm)
  • Flutes: 2
  • Flute length: 065″
  • Material: 100% tungsten-carbide tipped


  • Feed: 80 inches per minute (16mm/sec)
  • Speed (rpm): 10000-14000
  • Max pass depth: 0.5″ / 6mm
  • Stepover: 20%
  • For CNC routers, see this speeds & feeds table

FREE Feeds & Speeds table PDF. Download by clicking here


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