complete cnc router bit set for beginners
IDC Woodcraft complete router bit set on table with accessories
complete cnc router bit set for beginners
tapered ball nose set 1/4" and 1/8" shank set for cnc machine
1/8" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
30 degree carbide v bit for cnc routers
1/4" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
1/16" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
90 degree v bit for fine detail by idc woodcraft
60 degree v bit for fine detail by idc woodcraft
cnc router 1/4" to 1/8" collet adapter
1/8" drilling endmill for cnc routers by idc woodcraft
The Only Truly Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set w/ FREE Projects
1.5" CNC router surfacing bit by IDC woodcraft
complete cnc router bit set for beginners
IDC Woodcraft complete router bit set on table with accessories
complete cnc router bit set for beginners
tapered ball nose set 1/4" and 1/8" shank set for cnc machine
1/8" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
30 degree carbide v bit for cnc routers
1/4" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
1/16" carbide down cut endmill for cnc routers
90 degree v bit for fine detail by idc woodcraft
60 degree v bit for fine detail by idc woodcraft
cnc router 1/4" to 1/8" collet adapter
1/8" drilling endmill for cnc routers by idc woodcraft
The Only Truly Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set w/ FREE Projects
1.5" CNC router surfacing bit by IDC woodcraft

The Only Truly Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set w/ FREE Projects

The "One and Done" starter set made specifically for the beginner trying to learn exactly what he needs to get started with his CNC router.

Welcome to the only CNC router bit starter set that gives you the exact bits you need AND files with instructions that take you step by step to help you start creating your amazing projects.

Check out the full description to see how much you are getting with this complete CNC router start set!

  • 1/4", 1/8" & 1/16" downcut endmill
  • 30, 60 & 90 degree V-bits
  • 1/4" & 1/8" ball nose endmills
  • 1" surfacing bit
  • 2x 1/4" to 1/8" reducing collets
  • PLUS a bonus bit and many FREE files

Upgrade Your Surfacing Bit!

$249.47 USD

$279.00 USD

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Welcome To The Only Truly Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set

The Only Set On The Planet That Actually Has Every Bit You Need To Carve Almost Anything

by idcwoodcraft logo

The Most Popular CNC Router Bit Set For Beginners

If you're new to CNC routers, then you are probably a little confused when it comes to finding a good starter set of CNC router bits.

Below, you will find exactly the bits you need to start carving almost any project you design.

What Makes Your Set Complete?

1/4" Down Cut Endmill

idc woodcraft 1/4" downcut

The workhorse of your entire set!.. And the mainstay of every CNC'er. This puppy is designed to remove material fast while leaving super-clean cut lines. From small to big jobs, you'll use this bit a lot!

1/8" Down Cut Endmill

idc woodcraft 1/8" downcut

The little brother of the 1/4" endmill. It does the same thing, except it gets into those spaces his big brother can't to finish the job.

1/16" Down Cut Endmill

idc woodcraft 1/16" downcut

This bit is like the refined lady of the down-cut trio. When your projects need that delicate touch, you're reaching for this one. This little bit lets you do the fine work in those super-tight spaces to bring out the true beauty of your projects.

1/4" Ball Nose Endmill

idc woodcraft 1/4" ball nose

A sign is just a sign until you add the accented touch to it. This bit creates those accents and soft curves to give your projects the character that makes your project pop!

1/8" Ball Nose Endmill

idc woodcraft 1/8" ball nose

You know those cool 3D carvings you've seen people make? This is the bit that does it! Watching this bit dance across the contours of a 3D project is like watching a campfire. It's mezmerizing.

90° V-Bit Blade

idc woodcraft 90 degree v bit

Like the 1/4" endmill, this is the go-to bit to carve words and swirls in your projects. I call this the git-'er-done bit because it carves almost any shape you can come up with. And the blade design leaves your cuts baby-bottom smooth.

60° V-Bit Blade

idc woodcraft 60 degree v bit

Have you seen those very cool inlays people make on their CNC routers? This guy is the one to do it with. It also v-carves those finer designs the 90° can't do. This is the most versatile v-bit in your CNC router bit arsenal!

30° V-Bit Blade

idc woodcraft 30 degree v bit

Then there's your engraving bit. When you want to capture phenomenally fine details, like carving a handwritten letter you have as a keepsake this is the bit you want!

A complete set to get you on the right track the first time.

But we're not done yet because there are more things you need.

And they are included in your complete starter set!

You're also getting...

1" cnc surfacing router bit


Why is the surfacing bit important?

The surface your project is clamped to (the spoilboard) must be level with the motion of your router. If not, your carve WILL be uneven. And an uneven carve, even the in slightest, shows up dramatically!

The surfacing bit levels the spoilboard so this doesn't happen. No spoilboard is perfectly flat until we surface it.

The good thing is, now you know, and you'll have your surfacing bit on hand.

CNC router bit collets for CNC router

2 Collet Adapters

You get 2 collet adaptors for your smaller bits to speed up your bit change.

Each precision-ground collet adaptor is made of case-hardened 4140 carbon steel and fits every 1/4" router, so you can use 1/8" diameter router bits

idc woodcraft drilling 1/8" endmill


This carbide endmill isn't so standard.

With the double bevel at the tip, this endmill can drill holes!

Aside from the side-cutting, knife-edge flutes, the fast spiral is designed to eject the wood chips at lightning speed while plunging, making it optimal for drilling.

And, of course, it is a fast side-cutter too.

When you order now, you get this bonus...

The All-Important Feeds & Speed Tables In PDF

This is where almost all CNC router bit suppliers miss the mark. They don't give you the feeds & speeds with the bits. You have to go searching for them.

Not here. You get your feeds & speeds table the second you order your set!

This feeds & speeds PDF gives you all the data needed to make sure your new CNC router bits are set up exactly as they need to be.

But that's just the start. This 30-page PDF book covers feeds & speeds for ALL the bits you can possibly get for your CNC router.

Perk Alert → It has links listed right next to every bit so you never have to search for a bit you want. Just click the link and you'll go right to the source. Now that makes it easy!

vectric database free download

A Completely Populated Router Bit Database For Vectric

Setting up your bits in your design software is time-consuming. It's also easy to make mistakes this way.

Unfortunately, most design software has only the basic bits set up.

If you have Vectric, this won't be an issue, because you're getting a fully populated router bit database with all the settings pre-installed.

A 15-minute video shows you exactly how to install the database. No manual entry!

Even better... When it's time to replace a bit, or get other styles, the links are listed right in the database. No browsing the web, and faced with a ton of selections. One click and you have your new bit ordered!

Being a beginner, I found it frustrating wanting to get started in CNC and not knowing which bit to use. Looking around online, this kit by far has to be the best one out there. Not only being American-made carbide bits, but you get the feed and speed rates. That alone is worth it.

Sergio P.

No More Searching. Everything you need is right here!

idc woodcraft 11 piece set cnc router bits

Get Your Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set Today

Your 100% Guarantee

These bits are 100% solid Tungsten-Carbide, and made to ISO tool-maker standards. Carbide is the same superior tool steel used by journeyman machinists to do their metalwork.

Your CNC router bits will exceed your performance expectations, for finish and durability, or you will receive a full refund.

I was working on a project for my daughter and I forgot to set the Z. My CNC machine when to town, made some really small cuts and then headed right "through" the 1/4-20 bolt on my clamp. That 90-degree VBit I bought from you did a beautiful job of cutting through the top 1/8 inch off the bolt before passing on.

Thankfully no damage to the machine. As for the bit I bought from you... not a scratch, even under a magnifying glass! Made a believer out of me!

Tom K.

What Can You Create With Your New Bits?

Beautiful Inlays

cnc router inlay made with idc woodcraft bit

Those Big Projects

Large wide body cnc router bit sign

V-Carved Signs

v carved sign made with idc woodcraft cnc router bit

Elegant 3D Carves

3d carve made with longmill mk1 and IDC woodcraft bits.

Extreme Detail

detailed 30 degree idc woodcraft bit

Stacked Text

Your Favorite Artwork

warrior woman sign made with cnc router

Unique Designs

Express Your Pride

eagle cnc sign on longmill mk2

Finely Detailed Carves

ball nose bit used to make detailed 3d carves


detailed sign carving photograph with CNC router v bit

Hardware For Your CNC

cnc router bit clamp hardware

Accenting Your Projects

cnc accented project with ball nose cnc router bit

Even Glass & Acrylic Engraving

glass engraving project made on cnc router

And we're still not done...

Here's something you won't get from any other router bit company...

cnc router bit video downloads

An Organized List Of Every CNC Router Video On The IDC Woodcraft Channel

Have you ever wished someone would make an organized list of videos so you can just go in order? Now you do.

When you order your router bits, you'll get a list of every single video on the IDC channel. AND THEY'RE ORGANIZED!

Organized by designing, CNC routers, router bits, and all the easy step-by-step projects I've laid out for you.

Just open the list and start right at the top. It'll save you tons of searching.

This is about as good as it gets.

Then you get this little perk... Design files to get you started!

Where will you put your new bit collection?

free router bit file made on cnc to hold cnc router bits

...In your new router bit holder, of course.

When you order your CNC router bits, you will get the G-code file and instructions for this router bit holder.

And you get to make it!

You're also getting a video tutorial on the entire setup and run.

It's made from a standard piece of 2 x 6 so there's no prep work. Just get a 10" piece of 2 x 6, slap it on the router, and press 'GO'!

This will be the first CNC project you get to run with your new router bits. And what better than to make a place to organize them.

Christmas sign project made on cnc router

Easy To Make Christmas Decoration

It's all in the simplicity that makes the difference.

This design is done. All you have to do is run the toolpaths. That's it.

The Most Popular CNC Project

The 'WELCOME' sign is the #1 project of all time!

So why not make this your first full-blown project on your CNC router!

This is an awesome learning project that will give you excellent practice on your design software.

The end product is a decoration you can use, or even sell.

welcome sign project made on CNC router

warrior woman downloadable vector file

The Warrior Woman Project

Want to help kids with cancer? 5% of your purchase is going to St. Jude hospital... The hospital that never bills their patients because people like you and me donate to them.

This project was made for my niece, Isabelle, who suffered from brain cancer when she was 6.

She was a rare survivor of that cancer, and it was St. Jude that saved her.

You will get the G-code file for this, as well as all other formats. Make it and give it to that person who needs the warrior spirit.

willow tree vector file downloadable

Willow Tree Glass Engraving

Did you think a CNC router is only good for wood projects? Think again!

How about engraving on glass and acrylic? Yes, your CNC router will do this. In fact, it's a lot less messy than wood.

And get some LED lighting on, wow, it totally pops.

You'll get this detailed vector of a willow tree with your set, as well.

tree of life vector image

Tree Of Life Glass Engraving

Yes. Another awesome glass and/or acrylic engraving project. The picture does not do justice to the amazing detail this image has.

You'll see videos of this and all the other projects listed here.

And My favorite project to give you...

Make Your Own Clamps!

This project file will give you 18 or 24 clamps, depending on the file you use.

These clamps are completely versatile. They can be stacked, so they will work with any thickness project.

It's the first project you'll totally love doing because you will use them constantly to hold your projects while carving.

The Best part is, you're getting the g-code files. What does that mean? It means you don't have to do any design work. Just follow the set up instructions, load the file into your router and press 'GO'!

cnc router clamps by idc woodcraft on table

Here is another bonus for you...

Words That Sell

Look around your own home. It's a near guarantee you have a word hanging somewhere that was made on a CNC router.

Anything from 'home' and 'love', to a slogan, to a name.

Remember the welcome sign file you're getting? Guess what? 'WELCOME' is the #1 seller of all time!

I cannot express this enough...WORDS SELL!

And you're about to get the list of the top 50 words people buy.

You might as well hit the ground running with a solid potential for income with your new CNC router.

words that sell on your cnc downloadable file

All files download immediately so you can start working with them right now

"I decided to compare your end mills to the big brand end mills. I made up a little jig to cut box joints and needed a 1/4” end mill to cut some drawer sides.…I cut some with your mills, cut some with the Amana bits, cut some with some cheap Chinese end mills, and some with the Whiteside bits. Your mills cut the best."

Tom K.

Everything You Get In Your Shipment

Total Value $498.94 USD

$279.47 USD

Save $30.00 USD

Yours for $249.47 USD

Order Your Complete CNC Router Bit Set Today!

garrett fromme standing next to longmill mk1

I'm Garrett Fromme

I'm not just a home-based CNC'er, I'm a father & a grandfather. In short, a person just like you.

Choosing the right CNC router is challenging enough. We shouldn't have to spend endless hours trying to figure out what bits we need.

It seems big business has forgotten that we are new, and need clear guidance when we buy a CNC machine.

Since that isn't the case, I made it my business to fill that gap, and make sure you have everything you need in one shot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Mark Dunker
Complete Set

Great set of bits, I couldn’t think of what more I could need to start out with. I can tell by the speed of the service and the personal touches that your customer service is top notch. I used the ball nose on a sign project that turned out very nice. I also used the 30 deg. V-Bit for engraving a grid on my spoilboard as well as Garret’s instructions on YouTube to design it. Thanks guys for all you do.

Larry Dickson
Very Complete

Since I just received the set and am in the process of setting up my CNC I can tell you that the set is very complete. One very big benefit is the data for each bit that I downloaded and added to my Vectric software.

Lower price high quality


Jan de Boer

hoi, stil waiting for the machine (step graft M1000) to come. watching you on YouTube and learning. received the bits and coffee holder. vr gr Jan

Gary L. Arnson
Starter bit set

I haven't received my CNC yet, but the bits look great.