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I'm Garrett Fromme, founder of IDC Woodcraft

Hello CNC'er!


I'd like to share something with you that you might not realize. Since IDC Woodcrafdt has over 60,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel, and 37,000 members in its Facebook grouop, CNC Entrepreneurs. That gives us a special gift... 


We have power in numbers! 


Because of that, companies take notice. I get emails all the time from companies asking me to promote their products. I've got some strict criteria they have to meet before I even talk to them. And let me tell you, about 99% don't come close!


Bu once in a while, I come across a winner. When I do, we talk. 


And that's when I strike up a deal for CNC Insiders!


And the group that benefits from these deals ARE the CNC Insiders, not the public. It's just how I work up extra good discounts.


CNC Insiders is an exclusive group of over 10,000 CNC creators that have reaped the benefit of the offers I negotiate. Again, they are not made public! 


Another perk... CNC Insiders ALWAYS get first notice of a product release and 15% off when they are released.


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