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Your CNC Router Bits

Need Some One-On-One CNC Help?

Wondering where to get a complete starter set of CNC router bits?

Here it is!

A single set that has everything you need. These 8 solid carbide bits will cover 99% of everything you’ll make.

PLUS, you get a ton of surprising FREEBIES to help you learn as you warm up to your new CNC router.

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Author's CNC Router Choice

The Longmill 30×30 CNC router

This robust machine has been designed to maximize cut area while maintaining an ultra-rigid gantry.

Combine this with the simplicity of design, and you’ll find this CNC router surprisingly affordable and reliable.

  • Large 31x33x4.5 inch cut ability
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Super-easy control software
  • Laser add-on option
  • FREE gSender software
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Need Technical Support For Your CNC Machine?

Meet Jeff Holmes - CNC Technical Expert

Jeff is a technical expert when it comes to troubleshooting CNC machine issues. Whether it’s a router, laser, plasma cutter, or other CNC machine, Jeff has your back and will get you up and running.

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Words That Sell!

Words are among the easiest products to create and sell from your CNC machine. Consider welcome signs on homes, signs in rooms, like ‘kitchen‘ & ‘laundry‘. People buy these types of products all the time, and there is a wealth of words that they buy. 

This list contains the TOP 50 selling words, and you can access right now for FREE.

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