Never let a missed step in your CNC setup process ruin another project again!

Hello CNC’er!

I’m Garrett Fromme of IDC Woodcraft. Welcome to your important CNC Router Setup Checklist.

This FREE gift will help you avoid mistakes while setting up your CNC projects that could ruin all the hard work you put in to make it.

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Why Do You Need A Checklist?

You may feel like it is overkill to have a checklist for CNC projects. But even seasoned CNC’ers make mistakes during setup.

I have seen projects worth thousands of dollars get ruined because a step was missed, or forgotten, while getting the CNC router ready to carve.

Like the $7000 epoxy table in the image below.

This project had about a week of work put into it, and about $2000 worth of epoxy to make a beautiful table. The CNC’er started the cycle to surface table. As the as the machine was moving to the start position, it was driving into the table, carving a deep gouge right through the middle of it.

It is clear the Z-zero was not set right. But, believe I or not, the problem was NOT the fault of the creator.


The problem was that the machine did not reset the new Z-zero when he probed the bit.


I have seen this happen on my own machines. And it happens far more often than we would expect in the CNC world in general.
But we don’t think about this because issues like this happen so infrequently. It only takes one error in the setup process to ruin a project you’ve spent hours and money on to ruin it.

That’s why the IDC Woodcraft CNC Router Project Setup is such a valuable tool!


By using this checklist, you will ensure…

  • Your material is the right size and held down properly

  • Your router bits are in good order and ready to go

  • You have loaded the right cut files and your XYZ start points are set right

  • You have double-checked everything to make sure your CNC project is ready to carve without problems

When you follow this checklist, you will save yourself unexpected problems, frustration and projects gone wrong!

Think of it from a pilot’s perspective. His checklist is there to save your plane from a crash. Your CNC Router Setup Checklist is there to save your project from the burn pile.


So download your CNC Router Setup Checklist now and know every setup you do will let your CNC take off and land without a hitch!

Download Your Setup Checklist

The file will download directly to your computer.