Complete 1/8 Shank CNC Router Bit Set, Deluxe Set

The only truly complete CNC router bit set for 1/8 shank router bits for desktop CNC machines, where every single bit has a 1/8" shank.

This 9-pc set gives you the ultimate flexibility with your smaller CNC router. And you get a 10th bit FREE!

  • 1/8" down-cutting endmill
  • 1/16" down-cutting endmill
  • 1/32" down-cutting endmill
  • 1/8" ball nose endmill
  • 90° V-bit
  • 60° v-bit
  • 30° v-bit
  • 1/8" acrylic O-flute bit
  • 1/16" acrylic O-flute nit
  • FREE1/8" up-cutting endmill (for aggressive material removal)
  • PLUS a bonus bit and many FREE files


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Welcome to the only truly complete 9-piece 1/8" shank CNC router bits set for desktop CNC machines, where every single bit has a 1/8" shank. Whether you have a Genmitsu 3018 CNC router or another 1/8 collet CNC router, this 1/8 shank router bit set will cover most projects you come up with. Set includes a 10th bit FREE... a 1/8" up-cutting endmill!

This 9-piece set gives you the ultimate flexibility with your smaller CNC router for flat cuts in wood, cutouts, aggressive removal of material, v-grooving AND acrylic engraving. That's the flexibility you get with this set of 1/8 shank CNC router bits.

Here's everything you get with your complete set:

This series of pro-level bits are all solid carbide steel, the best material you can find for the longest life possible on your bits.

If you're working with wood, the 1/8 down bit will be your workhorse. You'll use it all the time if you're working with wood. Then you'll get to the more delicate carvings with the 1/16".

But if you want the super-fine detail, your go to will be the 1/32" down-cutting endmill.

Want to do some lettering and other swirly designs? That's what the 90° & 60° v-bits will get you.

Here's what Frank P. said about this set of 1/8 shank CNC router bits:

"I was so frustrated trying to find router bit sets for my Genmitsu CNC router. when I came across this set, I was so happy to actually set someone make a REAL set for my little CNC. And the quality of your service was just icing on the cake. Thank you!"

What can you make with your set of bits? Anything from Christmas made on your CNC to those beautiful LED acrylic engraved signs like these.

If you want to take your CNC projects to the next level, like Cribbage board making, you might want to check this drill bit made specifically for CNC routers. It's an excellent addition to the already premium set you're getting here.

What else do you get with your 1/8 shank CNC router bits?

FEEDS & SPEEDS Table - Included

Setting up the feeds and speeds for your new router bit set is important to get the longest possible life out of them.

The feeds & speeds table gives you all the data you need to make sure that happens.


How about a completely populated tool database that you can simply import?
Setting up your bits in your design software is time-consuming. It's also easy to make mistakes this way. Unfortunately, most design software has only the basic bits set up, so you have to do a lot of manual entry.
If you have Vectric, this won't be an issue, because you're getting a fully populated router bit database with all the settings pre-installed.
A 15-minute video shows you exactly how to install the database. No typing anything. It's already there!
And even better... When it's time to replace a bit or get other styles, the links are listed right in the database. No browsing the web, and faced with a ton of selections. One click and you have your new bit ordered!


"Words That Sell" List - Included

WORDS... People buy them all the time! And guess who makes the majority of them? CNC router owners do. We carve them and people buy the carvings.

Look around your own home. It's a near guarantee you have a word hanging somewhere. Anything from 'home' and 'love', to a slogan, to a name. I cannot express this enough...WORDS SELL!

And you're about to get the list of the top 50.

You might as well hit the ground running with a solid potential for income with your CNC router. And this list will get you started.


This Will Be Your Favorite!... An Organized List Of EVERY Video On The IDC Woodcraft YouTube Channel
Have you ever wished someone would make an organized list of videos so you can just go in order? Now you do.
When you order your router bits, you'll get a list of every single video on the IDC channel. AND THEY'RE ORGANIZED! Organized by designing, CNC routers, router bits, and all the easy step-by-step projects I've laid out for you.
Just open the list and start right at the top. It'll save you tons of searching. This is about as good as it gets.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (no CNC router bit company dares to do this)

These bits are 100% solid Tungsten-Carbide and made to ISO tool-maker standards. Carbide is the same superior tool steel used by journeyman machinists to do their metalwork. Your CNC router bits will exceed your performance expectations, for finish and durability, or you will receive a full refund.

Ready to start creating today? Get your CNC router bit starter set now. Click to order your set.


For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by clicking here

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table

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