cnc router clamp file free downloads for project work holding
cnc router clamp file free downloads for project work holding

Make your Own CNC Router Clamps - Easy CNC Router Projects

Make your own CNC router clamps with this easy 'Make Your Own Clamps" CNC router project. Making clamps on your CNC router is easy, and it saves money. The first easy CNC router project a CNC router owner should take on is making their own clamps out of wood for their machine.

What's even better? You get all the file types you need AND you get the g-code file. Follow the instructions, load the code, and press go. In an hour, you'll have 18 to 24 clamps, depending on the file you choose.

*The g-code is not guaranteed to work on all CNC controllers

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The first easy CNC router clamps project 'Make Your Own Clamps' is almost a complete plug-and-play file. Everything is provided, DXF files, SVG files, Vectric files, and you even get the g-code!

what does it mean to have the g-code. Just follow the instruction, load the code directly into your control software and press go. Almost everything is done for you except putting the board on your machine.

Making CNC router clamps is easy when you know how. It's even easier because you have the g-code file.

Why make CNC router clamps out of wood? First, when you buy clamps, it'll cost you $50 or more for 4 of them. Second, most clamps you buy are made of metal. Inevitably, you will run your router bit into one. That will ruin your router bit. Wood clamps are strong, AND your router bit will cut right through it. And you'll have a bunch more when that happens (and you'll still have a router bit.

As long as your CNC router workspace is 12x12 inches or larger, you can make anywhere from 16 to 24 clamps.

This file download consists of 2 clamp project files for your CNC router.

  1. A 16 pc clamp file for smaller CNC routers
  2. A 24 pc clamp file for larger machines

This download includes DXF, SVG and CRV files for Vectric software (for both version 10 and 11)

You also get the G-code files for both projects and video instructions to tell you exactly what materials you need and how to set them up on your CNC router. You can watch those instructions now by clicking here.

If you'd rather design your own clamps, you can watch this video to learn how.


For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by going to this page

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table

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